No news 7 days after purchase

Good evening,

As I am very eager to receive my EB70 I did order 7 days ago, I am a bit disappointed with the fact that my order hasn’t even been treated yet. On the top on that, I sent a request to ask for some news and did not receive any 24h later.

I know you must be very solicited in these peculiar times but I would be very happy to get an answer and so this is the reason why I’m posting here, Indeed I couldn’t hide longer that I am a bit worried. My order number is #SPF-FR-3173.

Thank you in advance,

best regards;

Seven days is short. I ordered my AC300 and B300 setup in September 2021, and they arrived March 2022. Just have some patience as all these units are factory ordered and need to be produced and shipped from China to California, then to your home.

Thank you Raymond for your feedback, 7 mounths is way longer than everything I could have imagined ! I must admit that I would have expected some communication after my order, I would even have appreciated to be warned before purchase that this would be this long. I thought I could benefit from the use of the unit this winter, now thanks to you I know that this may not be the case. D:


Edit : that being said here is what is told in their shipping policy :

“We need 1 to 3 working days to process the order, and usually, 7-10 days later, you will receive your products. The shipping is delayed for some objective or uncontrolled reasons. We will notify our customers ahead of delays.”

So according to themselves… It is longer than it should be, but I know of course we’re far from living in a perfect world especially nowadays. But still the customer should be notified. Which I don’t doubt a sec I will be ! Voilà voilà

@Jolatefr , Merci beaucoup d’avoir fourni le numéro de commande. Sur la base de votre numéro de commande, nous avons demandé l’assistance pour vous et votre commande devrait être expédiée mardi prochain. Si vous avez des questions, veuillez contacter le service d’assistance sur le site français

Merci infiniment de votre réponse et d’avoir fait le nécessaire pour répondre à mes inquiétudes.

Je vous souhaite une excellente journée,

Dear Bluetti Team, I made order 26.11.2022, today 18.01.2023 and order status still unfulfilled. Half of winter is over and Ukrainians people almost won the war but you can’t shipping my order, please, give me feedback. So sad, but while waiting, I had to buy Ecoflow.