No LCD on two month old AC200P

My two month old AC200 worked great, until it didnt. No screen/display at all. Wont work on solar, car charger, or ac outlet. I have been waiting for almost two weeks for Bluetti to step up and help me, but no go. Last Thursday some guy named “Lee” emailed and said, “ send my your contact info so we can process your return/warranty”. I sent him all of that and havent heard a peep since​:rage::rage::rage:. What is the trick to get them to stand behind their product?

Hi @Roofmonkey,

Sorry about that.
Could you please tell me your email? I will check it for you as soon as possible.

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Okay. Thank you. Please kindly note your email, we will contact you as soon as possible.

I’m very sorry that you are having this problem. I hope it gets resolved soon. Could you please keep us updated concerning getting Bluetti to respond to your need for help.

I finally
Got a return label and shipped it last Saturday. Hoping for a replacement unit soon!

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@Roofmonkey It will. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Well, I shipped it a week and a half ago back to Bluetti and havent heard a peep😡

Hi there,

Sorry to keep you waiting.
My colleague has replied you. Please kindly note your email.

I have this same problem exactly

No help from bluetti.

did they even tell you what the cause is?

what else is going to break if they cant even get the user interface to work during the first year?

It took me ONE MONTH to get a replacement. They customer service is horrible! I sent over 10 emails to simply get a return label
Sent to me. I got NO WHERE until I posted on here……This will be the last product I buy from them

Hi @Roofmonkey,

Sorry for the unpleasant experience.
We are sincerely sorry for that our customer service can not timely solve your issue. We totally understand your feelings. Thank you for your patience. We’d like to address any issue or concerns you have. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me
Sorry again.

Hi @ryanx3d,

I have replied to you on other thread, please kindly check.