No Input and Output

I have a problem with my EB3A its not charging thru 220v and the AC is no power output. my firmware
I have:

ARM: v2053,07
DSP: v2052,10

Hi @b3b0y

The Bluetti Staff isnt available at the moment. So cant say if there is a newer custom Firmware available for you.

For me its sounds like a hardware fault. Do you hear any form of “click” sound when you plug the unit into the AC Wallplug?


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using the 12v to 20v charger is working but the AC input 220v is not working also the AC output

hmm, seems like you need to repair the unit. @BLUETTI_CARE isnt here at the moment. So i guess you need to wait until they are back from Chinese new year celebrations

No Input:

  1. Please check if there is an error code displayed on the screen. If the “temp” display, make sure the temperature is on the range
  2. Does the Circuit Protector on the right side of the AC input port pop up? Press it and try AC charging again.
  3. Is the UPS icon in the lower right corner of the screen always on, off or flashing?

No output:

  1. Make sure AC is turned on
  2. Is the AC output frequency of EB3A correctly set (press and hold the AC ON and DC ON buttons at the same time in the power-on state to enter the setting interface, and then click AC to switch the frequency)
  3. The ambient temperature is within the discharge temperature range of the machine
  4. Check whether the screen reports any errors, such as short, overload
  5. Check whether the machine reports an error code (when it is powered on, long press AC ON and LED ON at the same time to check)
  6. You can use a multimeter to measure whether the AC output voltage is normal or try loading other equipment.

No Input:

  1. No error Code display
  2. Circuit protector is not pop up.
  3. No UPS icon flashing

No Output:

  1. AC is Turned ON
  2. I tried 50hz and 60hz but still no output voltage.
  3. its all good
  4. No error reports in screen.
  5. No error code show only 0-000
  6. I already tried Multimeter to test if there is an output but still no electric current.

@b3b0y Please contact the after-sale support to repair or replace the unit.