No info available for PV200S


I recently purchased a PV200S solar panel (yes the S is rigth). Originally i purchased an SP200 from an Amazon store called MAXOAK US, but for some reason they sent another model (PV200S)
The first difference that I’ve found between closest model (PV200) and the PV200S is the blue handle and kickstands.

I’ve requested info from the seller but unfortunately he tells me that the product information is the same as thw PV200, which is not true since I hace compared the data from the PV200S box with available data for the Pv200 and there are differences for voltages and max amp.

Can you please help me to find this model specs in a Bluetti site?



Hello @Woody

just see this topic without any answer.

Their answer “Same like PV200” might be true, buts that not the whole truth. Panel Voltage and current should be 200W, same as PV200, but with a different mix. I think the data is different because bluetti begin to wire their Panels in a other way than befoure.

Like you can see in this Pictures, the different Panels are connected in parallel. My knowledge about is, that this was indroduce at some point but dont was a feature that always was present. So yes, 200W peak remains the same, the way 200W are generated are different.

Hope this answers your question