No general 200MAX thread? Well here it is

Curious for those who recently purchased 200MAX what ur experience with the SoGen has been so far. Any surprises?

Anyone else see the 200MAX today is $2099. Yesterday I thot it was under 2k, anyone have screen shot or saved a view of it under 2000, just want to verify not loosing my mind. Have been looking at closely to buy but waiting to see my last purchase show fullfilled b 4 commit more money.

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With the $100 off coupon its 1999 :slightly_smiling_face: Seems like it was around 1,800 at one time with a higher coupon amount off but don’t recall the retail price.

Once it becomes widely available (like on Amazon) the price should come down a bit, maybe to AC200P prices eventually.

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Has no one received their 200MAX yet? Anyone got one? What has been ur experience so far? Any surprises (exceed expectations/or issues)?

Waiting on my 200Max ordered on 4 Nov 2021. Looking forward to having it soon. :wink:

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Look forward to hearing your feedback on the 200MAX. I’m torn, still thinking about the 200MAX tonight. The older I get the heavier it will get but I like the new features (except the reverse polarity( :upside_down_face:).

I to understand the concern about the weight as we get older. I am of retirement age & disabled.
After spending considerable time researching​:thinking: the 200max & the 300 I opted for the 200max. The 200max meets my needs for now and is expandable in the future if needed. I also plan to make a small cart to move it around so no lifting once set up.:blush:
There are alot of pluses to the 200max, including cost.

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The 200max is a better unit if you ever will need to move it around and don’t need more than 2200w of power or 240v. You can still expand it to 6kwh (8kwh if yo don’t mind weight of the B300).

The AC300 is better for fixed installation as it really isn’t portable but relocatable. The min weight you will need to lug around for a fully functional unit is 140lb. But it is more capable with more flexibility for off-grid power use.