No full charge 90%

Just got my ac200p and it will not take a full charge. Gets to about 90 % that’s it.

Run it down to 0% and then do a full charge and discharge / charge again and see if that solves the issue.

When I 1st got it took it to 0 charge. I will try it again. Thank you for the advice

@LRay yea sometimes a good solid complete “cycle” is needed to get the unit to perform optimally. Let us know if the issues continues after you run it down completely & recharge it back up. :metal:

Mine came with a 0% charge and when I plug it into the wall and turn it on, it shuts right down. Any suggestions how to get it to take that first charge? Thank you!

You may have a defective one since they usually arrive with about a 60% charge. The only thing I can think of is to unplug it from the charger, make sure its turned off and let it sit for a while, sometimes doing so will reset a fault code.

Thank you. I’ll try it. Do you know if the AC Output should be turned on as well? Currently it’s not on. The LED screen shows that the unit is being charged by the AC adapter, but the unit keeps shutting down automatically within 30 seconds of being turned on…

…and the LED screen says it’s charged at 0%

It should charge with it off or on.

I tried the cigarette lighter in my car and it did the same thing. It looked like it was charging via the lighter but then it shut down in a matter of ten seconds. I’m afraid you might be right–that they sent me a faulty one. Bluetti tech support is closed on the weekends. Fingers crossed we don’t lose power in this storm. Thank you for your replies.