No energy draw on AC and annoying fan noise ac200max

I’m posting a link to a video taken today, I seem to have a generator which doesn’t show the power usage on the AC and very intermitent on the DC - wireless charging also loud fan that kicks in constantly ,
I bought this unit expecting to have no or very little noise after viewing lots of youtube demos as I can’t be bothered installing an electrical system in my up and coming van conversion, after deliberating over the various options of power banks I decided on the AC200max due to the batteries and rave reviews , so can someone please tell me if my experience is normal or should I be concerned and send the unit back? bluetti ac200max problems.mp4

You have to be drawing a minimum number of watts on both the AC and DC outputs before a load will display. I think this is around 40 or so watts. The fan sound is normal and completely necessary to keep the electronics cool inside the unit. The fan will turn on based on load and temperature factors. Generally the more load (or input) or heat, the more fan speed and sound generated.

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I had the same problem with a new AC200MAX recently. The fan was simply too loud and kicked in too often.

I wound up returning it and replacing with an AC300 + B300 combo. More money and it is bigger (so less portable). But I do now have more capacity, wifi management, the ability to throttle the AC input as desired. AND IT’S QUIETER. The fan still runs from time to time, but you just hear the airflow. Not this “rattling” that the AC200MAX emitted.