No Display function, no Power Off possibility, no connection to network (reconnecting impossible) Very Disappointed

The display of my Bluetti EP500 Pro doesn’t work anymore. The Power Off function shines green, but by pressing button short or long device does not shutdown like before. I must use switch on back for doing this. After boot up nothing changed. I tested it multiple times.

The connection to my WiFi network failed too. Reconnect failed multiple times also.

I can connect only with Bluetooth but the part above the screen it feels warm.

I contacted German support yesterday and I received just an email with a said of an incoming call on my iPhone but my iPhone registered no call.

The email came from and it says “download recording” but there is no record after clicking the link and after entering my email or my mobile phone number. All other data in the email notification is correct.

I’m very disappointed about this. Now the support is no longer available. In the past I reported on my YouTube channel positively about your company and the EP500 Pro but it seems your product has increasingly issues after software updates.

I recommend to help me accordingly and fast what’s wrong or what’s to do. I trusted your company like thousands of people too.

Thank you.


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Maybe stupid to ask. :thinking:
Is the display not in the sleepmode?
Tap the screen to activate it?

Hi @JanNL_FR ,
Thank you, but I know this. The touch screen shows no reaction. I know how it works. I checked the forum, and other users reported screen defects.


@bluetti_thorstenwollenhoefergmailcom I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please provide me with the order number, I will contact the CS to help you ASAP.

It has the attention :+1:

I can send you the invoice where I bought it in Germany. Nevertheless I appreciate your help. Thank you.