Newbie Solar Panels Questions - EP500Pro / AC300 EU Version

Hello and thank you for letting me be a part of the community :wink:

I am a proud owner of an EP500Pro EU version and as an absolute newcomer I have a few questions which have not been answered correctly despite the search.

  1. Did you fully charge and discharge your new Bluettis 2-3x at the beginning to get the full capacity or is that not necessary with the Lifepo batteries?

  2. So far I have only been able to find out that the DC input can handle a maximum of 150V and 24 A. My solar knowledge is unfortunately very limited! Unfortunately, we only have very little space for panels, so I wanted to look for and connect 2x - 4x 400W+ panels (these things are really big).

I don’t understand what values ​​I should pay attention to, especially if I want to connect 2 to 4 panels. Is it the ISC or the ImmP or the VoC or the Vmpp value and how do these values ​​interact with winter conditions?

  1. Can anyone confirm that the AC300 has the same Components as the EP500 …or at least the similar ones ?!

Maybe someone in the know will have mercy on me and can bring it closer to me in an understandable way or sketch it :wink:

and therefore: Many thanks in advance !!!

I left this on another thread, but even the original questioner didn’t respond. This is how I have one EP500 (not Pro) powered. I think the pro can take more power, but I don’t know the limits.

You need to wire 2 in series and 2 in parallel to keep the voltage even. Two or three in series will get the voltage high enough to work, but 4 in series makes the voltage too high. Get some combiners and connect two series pairs in parallel to get the full wattage without going over the voltage limit.

Like this:

____    ____    ____    ____
|PV|____|PV|    |PV|____|PV|
|  |-  +|  |    |  |-  +|  |
~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~    ~~~~
  |      |        |      |
  |      |        |      |
  |      |-       |      |-
  |       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|
  |+              |+     |
   ~~~~~~+~~~~~~~~       |
         |               |
         |   2xVoc, 2xA  |
         |     4xWatts   |
         |               |
         |_____     _____|
               |   |
              +|   |-
       To EP500 Solar Input

In regards to #1, I would charge/discharge a few times just to prove everything works as advertised and familiarize myself with what it can do. I don’t believe its necessary though.

@neucx: Thanks a lot for your reply!
Very interesting your combination serial and parallel…my actual limits are 150V and 24A

What would you recommend …my PV Space is limited to 2m x 2m cry

Best regards!

Good idea…but the last weeks the thing works fine :wink: thx for info!

For that small space I think you will be limited to two panels unless you can find some that are 1x1m. With only two panels you need to wire them in series (plus to minus) to get the voltage over the minimum requirement. With that space you will not approach max voltage and amperage.

Hi neucx, i’ve tested with 2x 200W foldable panels both works fine (1x at DC1 and 1x at DC2) i’ve not seen any issues with minimum voltage…

Do you think i can connect 2 (1x at DC1 and 1x at DC2) of them to the EP500pro - without getting problems with the max. amper??!

Electrical Properties
Rated power 550W
Max Voltage [Vmpp] 40.99V
Current Max. [Impp] 13.42 A
Open circuit voltage [Voc] 49.65 V
Short-circuit current [Isc] 14.13 A
Module efficiency 21.31%
Temperature range -40°C to +85°C
Maximum system voltage DC 1500 V
Application class Class A
Power Tolerance 0~+5%´

Thanks a lot and best regards

The EP500 (not Pro) has a PV input voltage range of 55-145VDC, so I put two panels in series to get over 55 VDC. I am confused by your post of 200W foldable panel, but later “Rated power 550W”. 550W is too high for one panel. I think you can connect two 200W panels in series to charge your EP500 Pro at 400W max. This will take more than a day to charge an empty battery, but if you are only using part of the capacity every day it can work.

Hi, actual we own 2x 200w foldable panels - i connected them 1 on DC1 and 1 on DC2 - works fine but the maximum i squezzed out are ~ 270W on full sunny day.
The two 550W panels should take place the 200w panels - because our place for panels are limited to 2m x 2m - that’s the reason we want to get the max out of panels :wink: . best regards

PS: both PV Settings are on “PV” and PV-parallel is “ON” - but imho PV-parallel setting makes only on cloudy days sense

Hi PV Nerds, please can you help me with your Knowledge ;-).
I own a EP500PRO but can install only one PV String. I want to use nearly the maximum of one pv charger (1200w,145v,20a). Can i use 3 of these Panels in series without to grill my EP !?

Thanks in advance for your inputs!