Newbie question on charging options for the B230

Newbie question. My AC180 came with a number of charging cables which plug into the DC7090 connector port. One for solar panel input and a second with a cigarette lighter adaptor. Easy enough to understand and perfect to recharge the unit when the grid is down. Question is, I would like to augment the power station with greater capacity as 1152 kw while good is not great. Looking at the B230 as an option and was wondering as it appears to have the same port for charging is it possible to use the cables received with the AC180 to charge the B230 or is one forced to purchase either the T500/T400 for AC charging or the D050S for solar.

You cannot use AC180 charging cable to charge B230.
Because the input voltage of B230 needs 58.8V, so it needs a T500, T400 or D050S to charge B230.