Newbie Question: CPAP and Alpicool C20 Refrig

I just bought an Alpicool C20 portable 21QT refrigerator for my van to use when I go camping. The refrigerator is supposed to draw up to 45 watts. The reviews on it say that it only runs about 3 minutes then is off for approximately 20 minutes before the refrigerator starts cooling cycle again. I would leave it on all day running its cycles.
Then at night I sleep with a CPAP machine for approximately 7 hours, and it draws 60 watts of power. The CPAP machine will run 7 hours then be off the rest of the day.
I am trying to figure out what power generator to buy to power my two devices at least one day but as much as three days without recharging.
I definitely do not want to under buy but I do not want to way over buy either. Could you offer any suggestions as to what the best unit would be to buy without overspending? I would rather be safe than sorry but only have so much to invest. Thanks, Bill

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I would recommend the EB240 for your case of wanting maximum battery power for the least cost. The small compressor fridges run way more than 3 minutes on and 20 minutes off but this is highly dependant on having prechilled food loaded before the trip, the outside temp, the desired temp the fridge is run at (I like my coke cold so I run it at 32) and the amount of times you access the food inside. The only disadvantage I can see for the EB240 is the size or weight compared to a smaller unit, but the low idle overhead of the EB240 is ideal for running the compressor fridge scenario. If you did not throw the CPAP in there, an EB55 or EB70S would also work for just the fridge for a day or two. If it were my money, I would go with the EB240


not sure if this has been posted on these forums yet, but dang these are great prices! REFURISHED-GOODS

Thanks Scott, I appreciate the advice. Do you think I might get by with EB150 and save on my investment? Thanks again, Bill

If cost is the biggest factor, I would still get the 240 or the 150 and consider buying refurb. The cost is bar far the least. The price of the 240 is unbeatable and the smaller 150 is not that much less. The only advantage I can see with the smaller unit is that it is smaller and lighter in size.

I second what Mr Benson suggested & go with the EB240. It’s very efficient and you’ll more then likely end up wanting those extra watt hours in the long run.

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Refurbished is a great thing, but they’ve been out of stock for weeks now. :frowning: I’ve been looking at a refurbed EB70 for that long.

arg, apologies! Didn’t realize they were out of stock as the other models have been pulled (like the EB70!) Sorry for the false hope!!

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