Newbie here. eb55 tech question

Hello there !

I just have a newbie tech question about my newly bought eb55.

I have 2pcs 120w panels in parallel for input.
The conditions for panels aren’t ideal here where in installing them, so I’m getting at most 150w out of them. So i normally charge or run things with both the panels and the regular wall socket.

Here’s my question.

When I’m getting let’s say 200w combined from the PV and the wall outlet, and then plugging in my E-scooter battery charger to the eb55, the input drops dramatically to 120-130w. If i unplug the charger, it goes straight back up to 200w. The E-scooter charging takes 220-230w.

Can anyone explain this to me ?
I’m getting so little from the PVs so the eb55 is drained in about 2-3h (from fully charged).

I would be very happy and greatful if i can get a explanation from someone with the knowledge that I’m lacking.

Br, Ken

I can explain one part. The highest solar input you will ever see on the EB55 is around 165 watts in any combination of the panels. This is due to the 8 amp input limit of the EB55. There is simply no panel combination running at 8 amps that will allow the 200 watt solar input limit.

I am assuming you are saying when you have the AC power brick (195 watts) connected and plugged into a wall outlet and also have solar input connected that your input drops. That makes no sense to me because you should always see the AC charging brick 195 watts even with no PV installed. A couple of pics of your screen during the different operations you describe would be helpful to assist with this.

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hi !

thx for replying.

yes, it is really weird.

i never got even 155w from the 2x120w panels in paralell. but again, the location and angle is far from ideal. hence the choice to go for 2x120 instead of a 200w panel.

i tried several times. under identical conditions. the same thing happens every time. it is very consisent this occurance.

i will get some pics asap.

br, Ken

So. 204w from the panels and the brick. i didnt see anything more than that today.
plugged in the escooter charger and it drops straight down to 130w. unplugged the charger and it went back up to 200w in a couple of sec

i also tried without the brick and the panels gave about 115-120w. so the brick/wall outlet is only giving me around 80-85w. thats very low too. isnt it ?

I just recalled that I saw somewhere that you cannot dual charge (PV and AC) while using pass through charging operating a device. I am pretty sure that the AC charging brick port is the one that you cannot use while operating another device. The 130 watts you show should be your PV input which is allowed while operating another device.

The way to test that out would be to plug in the AC brick which should give around a 200 watt charge rate. Then…plug in your AC powered accessory (Bike charger) and the input should drop to 0 watts. If you do the same test with the solar panels connected, the input should not change when you plug in the bike charger.

hi !

so, i tried with only the PV connected wgile charging the Ebike battery.
same thing happens unfortunately. been searching for info on this but have come up with nothing so far. pics showing PV connected and with/without AC outlet on for the charger. when i tested with only the brick, it never puts out more than 75W. wich is also strange. or ?

could it have something to do with the ECO mode ?
any input would be appreciated.

br, Ken