Hello group I’m new on here and new proud owner of the ac180. I’m not happy there is not much info on the app to know more about settings and what things mean. I would like to ask if any of you know why or when would I need to change the frequency 50/60? on the display of the power station. Also I have my power station running a 12 volt fridge that when compressor turns off its not drawing much amps almost negligible and the power station doesn’t sense any draw and shuts down. I was able to get info from instructions booklet that came with the ac180. It states to take eco mode off so that will not happen. but doesn’t go much into details? very limited. Is there a site I can get more indepth information from? Thank you.

Hi the AC frequency of 50/60 Hz is dependent on where you live and reflects what your normal mains power is.
For example here in Australia we have 240V at 50Hz and that is how the unit came pre-set from the factory for Australia.
Other units for example that are being sold say in the US are set at 110-120V at 60Hz reflecting the mains supply there.
In regards to your unit and ECO mode you want this to be set to OFF so as even with no load the unit doesn’t switch itself off.
You don’t’ have to set it OFF if you can work out the parameters to set via the app for the ECO setting, such as DC-ECO Shutdown time and DC-ECO wattage.
I would just leave ECO OFF especially if you are using the DC not AC output as the unit consumes negligible power when in DC output mode with no load, compared to the same zero draw on the AC as it still powers the inverter.
Hope this helps.

Forgot to say watch this on YouTube, this guy is very informative and it will help you understand your AC180 functionality better.

There are other videos you could watch as well but this guy is precise and has a very sound understanding of this field.

I am an Electronic Engineer and still find his in depth reviews very interesting and helpful.

Enjoy your AC180.

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