New user with app questions

Regarding the app settings for my AC200L:
What is Carbon emission factor and how does one determine the proper value? (Mine’s at 0.959)
How does the “DC input source” setting change the operation of the unit?
-Self Adaptive
Grid Self-adaption. What changes when On or Off?
Thank you.
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@Bob70533457973917 hi, not sure about the carbon emission, but the DC input can be left on Self Adaptive, which means the unit will determine the input source. PV is used if you’re just using solar input, and Other can be for alternative DC sources such as 12v from a vehicle outlet etc.

Grid Self Adaption mode can be used if say you’re charging from a fuel generator and the output is uneven, or for any other AC source that might be unstable. The Grid Self Adaption mode stabilises the input to ensure the device charges correctly. At least that’s how it was explained to me. I believe there is some mention of both these settings in the user manual. It certainly is for other Bluetti models with the same features.

Hope this helps a little?

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Thanks @Erebus. This is helpful. Takes me back to the early 1990s when I learned to code HTML by hand, before there were “web site software suites.” (Seems a bit silly that of all the forums I use, this is the only one that requires hard coded HTML breaks in the text to format properly.)

Wouldn’t “DC Input: Self-adaptive” account for any DC source, including 12V cig socket, and not need to ever be changed? “Oh look, PV.” “Oh look, cigarette lighter.” “Oh look, unusual other thing.” I’d likely use the PV350 95% of the time, if not grid power. But I imagine I might use the cigarette lighter in the truck cab on long drives, but only if that would actually help the SoC significantly. I’d like to not have to think, as I’m loading up the camper and equipment, “Gosh, the clouds are heavy and the panel hasn’t given the 200L much energy; I’ll charge it in the cab with the cig adapter. Hm, better change Self-adaptive to Other.” …Fiddles with Bluetti app…

As for the Grid Self-Adaption, I understand the reason one would have it On, but is there a reason to have it Off? Seems like something that Bluetti would leave On by default, maybe even without a way to disable it, unless it has “consequences” like some reduction in charging rate, in exchange for the cleaner input. Does turning it on have any negative effect if the grid source is clean and stable? If so, since my home gives good clean power (SCE put up new poles and new lines) and since my newish Westinghouse i4500 (inverter) can output pure sine at a constant 4500W and 30A, I imagine I’d only want to enable it when at a campground where the hookups might be “wonky.”

I wish the app documentation went into better detail for some of the less-obvious settings. Thank you for helping me better understand.

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@Bob70533457973917 I’m glad my reply was of help. For me I usually only ever charge via Solar, so I have that particular setting on PV. I’m not sure whether leaving it on Self Adaptive is better or worse. I just figured I’m using Solar so I’ll select PV.

As for the Grid Self Adaption, I’ve never turned it on. I assumed it was only needed if using generator power or an unstable grid etc. so I don’t know if it makes any difference to AC charging if it’s left on permanently.

Have a look in the Guidelines/Manuals section of the App. There are sometimes dedicated App manuals available for various models which I have found helpful.

OK. Found it. I guess I just never dug deep enough to find it. In the Bluetti App, on the home page of the app, scroll all the way down to “Guidelines” & tap it.

Tap “User Manuals”

Find your unit. Tap it. (mine’s AC200L)

Now see that there’s the unit’s manual (which I already had), but below that in “Attachments” there’s the “AC200L App User Manual.” Clicking that opens a preview of it which you can read if you’re young and have perfect vision. But there’s a download link. I downloaded it and then forwarded it to myself via email to save on my laptop so I can read it without a magnifying glass.


Sadly this info is only marginally more enlightening.

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