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I just opened AC200P. Plugger it in to charge. Turned it on. LCD screen lights up and shows me it’s taking a charge. But when I attempt any funtion on the LCD screen nothing happens. Unable to go into settings or activate DC or AC. I didn’t receive a user manual in my bag that came with the unit. I was hoping someone had an answer for why the LCD screen is unresponsive?
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Probably not your problem but I’ve found that lightly touching the screen with a fingernail works much better than skin contact.

Not sure what method you used to purchase your AC200P, but if you bought it new from an authorized source, it should have been unopened and contained a manual… Here is a link to the operators manual that contains a decent amount of information. Also, your fingers were not wet or damp or you had rubber gloves on by chance?

Thanks you for the responses. I purchased the unit from Amazon. It came with the power brick and a bag with several cords. No documentation was in the bag or the box. The box did have the strong packing cords / wraps on it as well.
And with regards to the touchscreen, I have tried using my fingernail lightly and several variations but the screen does not respond.

There should have been an envelope like this with the warranty and manual inside.

@Eric12 welcome to the forum man! I know it sounds silly and you’ve probably tried it already, but maybe try pressing and holding the power button for like 5-7 seconds, as this should completely turn off the unit. Wait a minute and then press it to turn it back on. Kind of “hard reset” for the unit. The unit will stay in standby mode if the power off button isn’t pressed for longer then 2-3 seconds.

If that doesn’t work, leave it on and walk away. The units ECO Mode should be toggled off by default from the factory, so the unit should stay on and lose 9.5-16.8% percentage per day. I would let it drain to completely dead (might take 6 days??) and then try charging it back up.

I’ve read that some units unfortunately need to fully “cycle” and maybe that’s what’s going on here… if that doesn’t work, @BLUETTI will definitely take care of you. They are very responsive and will make it right. They can also be reached at or

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