New update for AC60 owners. ARM version 2076.7 DSP version 2075.4 BMS version 1030.07 #ac60 #bluettiac60

What has changed with the update?

BMS update is mostly for correcting problems with the Battery percentage. Most likely some kind of calibration update

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@Selfmadestrom it has the Auto Sleep settings now the same as the AC180.

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I don’t see Autosleep on my AC60

@Jeff_bzh I remember reading that so far it’s only been rolled out to high voltage countries, so perhaps if you’re on 110 volts in your location, that might be why you don’t see it yet.

@Jeff_bzh AC60 Firmware Update - #3 by Erebus

Ah okay, didnt see that the other modules also get updates at first. Thanks for sharing with us the details :slight_smile: