New unit and NOT working- ghost tech support

My new unit does not work.
NO customer service to help.
No way to leave messages, “mail box full”
no response from emailS

anybody get service after sale?
Time to contact credit card co.? cancel?

Hi @dude, for me they typically replied by email after several days, but also no luck with phone calls. What power station did you purchase?

Hi @dude , sorry for inconvenience. The recent surge in orders has caused a slowdown in response time from the support department. What exactly is the problem with your Bluetti device?
Or can you let us know your email address and we can check it out for you and remind the support department. Kindly don’t worry :slight_smile:

Dude, Your “customer service” experience is nothing new. Bluetti is blaming “the recent surge in orders” as the reason for their slow response. But Bluetti has NEVER had customer service. No one ever answers the phone lines. No one ever responds to messages left at the phone lines. If Bluetti spent more time answering phones and responding to emails, their time spent in here would be reduced. They’re only in here because it’s a public forum and they’re trying to do damage control because it’s a larger audience. Cancel your order and run.

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I am very concerned when you do NOT answer your phone
and you leave all your mailboxes full so no message
can be left by customers.
All of this bad press will destroy your biz.
When Americans get talking about how bad
the service is, they will not buy with you.

My unit charged up once by plugging it into the wall 110v.
and once it charged by the sun with the three panels
and then it would lose charge instead of gain charge
and now it wont do anything.

I had intended to get this set up and power several
of my little cabins with several units but the first
is a problem.

I am not the engineer so i have no interest in buying test
equipment to figure out your problem.
The screen is nearly impossible to read unless in a dark room.
You can look up the purchase, Rex Eastman was the name.

I need contact info from you that i can depend on for fast

rex eastman

gracias amigo, rex


Hi @dude , Thanks for describing the problem. May I ask what is the model of power station you are using? It would be appreciated if you could provide us the order number so we can locate it quickly and inform support team to follow up. Thanks again for your patience and cooperation.