New to the solar panel thing.🫡

I recently purchased and received my new Bluetti AC200L about a month ago.
I purchased 4 Renogy Solar Panel, Max Power 200 Watt.
Maximum System Voltage 600V DC (UL)
Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc) 23 V
Optimum Operating Voltage 19.2 V
Optimum Operating Current 10.42 A
Short-Circuit Current 11.05 A
Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20 A
Operating Temperature (?)
Product Dimensions 58.7x27.5x1.38 in
Product Weight 12 lbs / 26.46 kg
Output Cables 13 AWG (2.6 ft long)
Right now, the input from the solar panels is 564W, 67.9V at 1:38pm. I have seen the output wattage from all 4 panels as high as 760 Watt on a very bright sunny day.
Has anyone added the total capacity that 6 200 Watt solar panels would generate? 1200 Watts is the maximum the Bluetti AC200L is rateded at.I just don’t want to exceed the maximum voltage or wattage.
Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions and input.

Why is there a 10 KB picture size limit? I can’t reduce any of my screenshoot to a small size.

It will not hurt anything, it will just be extra you have running through it. It will help out if on cloudy days when you are not getting full sun.