New to solar charging & my EB3A

so I’m new to using solar panels & new to owning a Bluetti. I just got an EB3A. I have a crystalline solar panel with a charge controller intended for charging 12V LeadAcid batteries.
Trying to confirm (1) are my 2 systems compatible, and (2) do I go up my EB3A directly to the panel or through the panel charge controller (the input on the eb3a says mppt, does it have a built in charge controller?) ?

panel specs:
Noma 011-2515-8
50W, 2.9A max
rated voltage 17.1 V
open circuit voltage 21.5 V
Short Circuit Current 3.1A

maximum system voltage 1000V [not really sure what this means… the panel suggests connecting more panels (for more power collection, up to 8 panels), so I’m not sure if this applies to my single panel…]

the charge controller that came with the panel is 7A max, cut-in 13V, cut-out 14.2V

I think I’m okay with the combo, and my main concern is (2) do I use the panel’s charge controller or does the eb3a have its own, but if something above seems like it would do my eb3a wrong, please correct me!

Hello @StarFlyer !

Welcome to the Bluetti Community.

The EB3A has a build-in MPPT. There is not need for a external charging controller.

The build-in MPPT accept 12–28 V with max. 8,5 A (Limit at 200W). As long as the open circuit voltage of the panel does not exceed 28V, there should be no problem with the mentioned Panel to work with EB3A. If you exceed the 28V, the powerstation will get damaged.

Hope this is the answer you looking for. If you need any more help, you can tag me with @Selfmadestrom

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Hi everyone, I have a very similar setup to @StarFlyer; a portable panel with its own charge controller, that I normally use to charge an RV battery.

I tried charging an EB3A with it, but nothing happens. Would I need to disconnect the panel’s built-in charge controller to use it for the EB3A?

@Dvaer Yes, you need to bypass any panel controller as the Bluetti units have their own MPPT controller.

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Thank you @Erebus; that makes sense. I’ve also talked to Renogy (the makers of my PV panel), and they confirmed what you say. So they also said to not use the charge controller on the panel, so that the controller in the Bluetti unit can take over.

Thanks again!

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