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Hi everyone,
I just purchased my first power station an EB3A. Downloaded the app and plugged it in. I am hoping for the power to go out now (just kidding) hoping it’s as good as the reviews. I bought this because I have a dreamstation 2 cpap and I have tried an auto style booster pack with bad results. It lasted 4 hrs and then started beeping like a smoke detector, scared the life out of me. I just might give it a trial run to see if it will last all night. I have AC plug and a DC plug in the reviews I’ve read sounds like I should use the DC with humidifier and heated hose turned
off. Any pointers would be great thanks.

Hi @bluekodiak

so first of all, if your device can run by one of the DC Outputs you should prefer this to the AC Output. It consumes much less energy and generate less heat which means lower fan speed.

The Other thing you should keep in mind is that the EB3A doesnt have that much of capacity. 268Wh arent that much. Dont know whats the cpap power draw is but when it draws about 60W the powerstation is in about 4 hours complete empty. You also need to keep in mind the self consumption and when your using AC the transform losses from DC to AC. So real speaking it should be between 3 - 4 Hours. This insnt enough for a whole night to run.

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I would not agree that regulated DC outputs are more efficient than using the AC inverter in most situations. The Regulation of the DC output consumes roughly the same as the inverter when running real word tests. This has been shown repeatedly by a wide variety of testers when testing the AC vs DC battery capacity. If the DC were a direct output, I would agree it will be more efficient.

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Thanks @Scott-Benson for that important addition!