New to EB700 and Solar

Hi I am new to EB700 and new to solar, my question, I have a double solar panel used to charge a lead/acid battery and it worked fine connected to a mppt controller, the panels have specifications as below. Just need to know if I can connect them to the EB with out damaging it.

max power 200w
Voltage at Pmax 18v
current at Pmax 11.1a
Voc 21.6v
Short circuit current 15a
max system voltage 1000VDC
Max series fuse rating 10A


Your panel shold work fine. Just be sure to connect the panel directly to the EB70 and not through the MPPT charge controller you have. Disconnect or bypass the charger controller you have and you will be fine. The EB70 has its own built in charge controller.