New soon to be Bluetti owner

I have just ordered a BLUETTI AC200L. I am excited to finally pull the trigger and buy one. Living in Florida with the hurricane season coming up, I figured it was time to buy.

I’m sure I will have a few, or more than a few, questions about the operation. Please bear with me on this.

My first question is this: I plan to run my refrigerator if the power goes out. Do I plug the fridge cord directly into the BLUETTI or if it is not long enough and I need an extension cord, which one should I buy? I’m sure I cannot use just a regular household extension right?

Thanks in advance… Rich

Of course you can use a regular household extension cord as long as it is rated for the load being used. Curious though about why you did not think you could.


Being brand new to the BLUETTI world of generators or inverters, I am really in over my head and I find myself being timid about what to do and how to do it. I figured, big refrigerator big cord.

Here is another question… My 55" tv is plugged into a surge protector along with all the other stuff need to watch it. For example, DirecTV box, speakers etc. If I wanted to watch TV during a power outage, could I just plug the power strip plug that is in the wall directly to the BLUETTI? And if the strip’s cord is not long enough can I plug the power strip cord into an extension cord then to the BLUETTI?

See, these things are what is keeping me up all night…

Thanks for the response,


Power strip plugged in is just fine Think of the Bluetti 200L just like any other household wall outlet and you will be fine.


Thanks much, I appreciate the info.