New solar panels stopped charging

Hello, I Own An AC200 And Ordered A Set Of Panels. One The First Day The Panels Charged But, Now They Are Not? I’ve Checked All Connections. I Live In Florida. So, Sunlight Is Not A Problem. I Hope You Can Help. Jim Capella"

How about some more information in order to help…Panel type and qty? What information is being displayed on the AC200 input screen? Are you in PV (correct for solar panel charging) and not in car mode? Is your AC 200 already charged and at 100% which will not allow further incoming charging?

I’m so happy that someone replied. The panel is a Sunpower w voc 23.7 four panel. 120 w. 6.06 max power. The screen reads 0%. I checked that it is in pv mode and not car mode.
The faults read "under power"for cable.
Sorry for the lack of info in my first post. I had just spent many hours rereading the startup booklet and watching several Youtube programs on connecting. As I wrote before, it ran and showed that it was working when I first connected it. Then, when I checked the next day it was not charging. Thanks in advance for your help. Jim

If I understand correctly, you have a single panel. The AC 200 requires a minimum of 35 VDC in order to begin charging which normally has a minimum of two panels. If indeed you have a single panel that is most likely your case. One other thing you might try is running a single panel in car charge mode because if you were within say 22 to 26 V operating it will charge if you go below that it will not charge

Thank you. I’ll try the car charge. The panel I have has four separate panels but, if I’m reading your email correctly I will need to add another four panel unit and put them in a series??

Whatever panel(s) you have in any combination have to output from 35 to 150 volts in order to charge in the PV (Photo Voltaic) mode. This is normally 2 seperate solar panels each having two wires coming from each panel.

If the panel you are referring to only has two wires coming out of it then you have a single panel and it does not provide sufficient voltage to initiate charging on the AC200.

You may luck out and get the charging to work in car charge mode but it has to be in the narrow car charge voltage range of 23V-28.8V and if it goes outside this range ant any time, charging will stop.

thank you. I’ll order a second panel. By the way, these were panels associated with the Bluetti Indegogo program. I wish that they would have noted that I needed two panels to run this unit.

The Bluetti panels are top of the line. I purchased four and they work well. When you get your second panel they will need to be connected in series.

What this means is simply take one of the wires from the first panel and connect that single wire to the only wire in the second panel the it will mate with. This will leave you with one unconnected wire from each panel. Those two wires are what you connect to the AC200.

Since your AC200 accepts up to 150 volts of solar charging you can connect up to six panels together for max charging watts. It is very, very important to have the panels angled directly towards the sun and have no shading on any part of any panel. Lastly you will see about 95 to 100 watts per panel in strong pure sun. Less than perfect sunshine drops off the charging watts significantly

Brilliant! Thank you again.