Pricing released on Bluetti Facebook page - AC300 + B300 = $2,899; AC 200 Max = $1,699; B300 = $1,599; B230 = $1,249.

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They just lowered the price on the B230 to an introductory $1199


What about the price of the B300. Any special there? Thanks

Haven’t heard. Mainly it was people with AC200/P that thought the B230 price was a little high. Personally, I think the pricing is good.

The EP500Pros will be great machines, at a great price.

The AC200Max and AC300 were mainly developed for the RV crowd who had been clamoring for something with the RV port, and the EP500 series was developed as an alternative to Tesla PowerWall, etc., for home use.

Bluetti quality and innovation is unmatched, in my opinion. They are just coming out with the EB55. Small unit in the range of AC50s and EB70, with 700W/537Wh, a very nice display, easy to read. Has the nice lantern on the back like the AC50s, unlike the EB70. Appears to be a bit more squared off like the EB70, weighs about 16 lbs. LFP.

So the Apex, don’t know what it will be, but Bluetti is blazing trails. They obviously have a robust R&D department. They had to invent a special cable/plug, which they patented, for the AC300/B300.