New mobile app on Android

I’ve just downloaded the new version of the app on my Samsung S10.

I’ve got some constructive comments…

  1. The little icons for PV, Grid, AC and DC are far too small to actually see what they are.
  2. The black background does not help the icons, it’s really hard to see them, as they are dark too.
  3. The battery percentage is shown below the bluetooth logo… why? It looks like my bluetooth is 23%
  4. The main graphic showing the charging status only takes up about 30% of the screen, the rest of the screen is wasted.
  5. The power off button is floating in the left hand top of the screen next to the bluetooth icon - is it saying I press that to turn off bluetooth?

In short, it’s MUCH worse than the app it replaced… sorry.


I totally agree with that, instead to create a very useful monitoring app, to be able to see the energy saved in days, weeks and so on…All this are possible today, I don’t really understand why here is not.

This app is much terrible than before.

Sorry Bluetti, have an look to the concurrents…if you don’t have any ideas more!

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Indeed the new app is a step back from the last one. I hate the dark model. 1/3 of the screen is now just black with nothing displayed. I don’t need to see a picture of the device I have in the centre of the screen, I need to see a large output of SOC and what’s feeding in/out clearly like the last app.

One positive thing at least this app seems to connect more reliably to the EB3A than the last one.

I really want to see a Firmware update that lets the solar panel start charge at low Wattage.

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Scratch everything I said that was positive.

This updated app is total dog pile.

It isn’t any more reliable at connecting, possibly less and worst of all the toggles for AC/DC now can only turn on the source but they can’t turn it off. WHO TESTED THIS APP? NO ONE! Thats who!

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Bluetti, please allow your customers without internet access or a Bluetti account to connect to their Bluetooth-enabled power stations via your app. The newest app update removed both of these capabilities. I also agree with the other comments in this thread.

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omg yes, the new update is horrid! It’s hard to read, everything feels so compressed, and it’s slower to load.

Also, I don’t understand why they’ve changed the visual design 2x in the past ~6 months, but have made absolutely 0 new features - there’s plenty of suggestions on this forum & on the FB page (usage tracker, scheduling the outputs to turn on automatically with certain events, etc) that I’d rather see above these frequent UI changes.

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It looks like there is a power off feature in the app. But I cannot find this for my AC300 system.
And I agree on the other comments. Instead some UI change one should have focused on monitoring details, statistics, #of cycles, etc.

I have the updated app and I cannot see the firmware versions nor do updates.

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I cannot even get the new app to connect to my AC200MAX. It tells me to use Bluetooth. But how?

I rolled back to the old version for now

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Also, on the screen where you select your device… if you have a 200max, which us only bluetooth, you have to click only on the little bluetooth icon…ANYWHERE else and you get an error! You KNOW its a 200max, so WHY do you even try to connect via wifi ?


Yes. Unfortunately had the same issue. Even I had to reset my password because apparently reset it too.

Bring a fix to this, or alow us to revert to the previous one! @BLUETTI

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Hello Bleutti, what has actually ridden you, you need since the app version 1.3.0 since the latest an Internet connection to connect via Bluetooth with the AC200MAX. What is this nonsense ? You do not always have Internet access, in an emergency in a power outage anyway.

Dear BLUETTI backers,

Thank you very much for all the useful feedback above. We have submitted it to the relevant APP development department and they are working on it. We hope BLUETTI APP will be improved soon.


If you haven’t updated yet, it is recommended not to update the latest version and use the previous version.

Yes, I very much dislike the new layout of the App looks like a spider of some sort. They layout before was much better. I do like the black background and opening app display login. but the Icons now need a magnify glass to see with a phone. I was hoping new features not new layout.
Can I revert back some how?

I am hoping there can be a graph that can be store the history fon PV day to day. Peak Watts/Amps/Volts time stamps etc.

Oh man - I would have never figured out to click on only the Bluetooth icon.

I just kept getting the message over and over to connect via Bluetooth. Lol.

I’m going to stick with the older version of the app for now.

My Bluetti App automatically updated to the newest version. Although I like the previous version, the new version is doable.
I would like to request your app development team add an indication path to show the AC in Passthrough. So, I don’t have to look at the grid outlet to verify input is supplied by grid AC.


I love the Bluetti Products and they have been reliable for me however I must agree with all the above posts about this latest update to the mobile app. I personally use it to monitor my sogens output and power and find it more difficult to read. The main feedback about something I really do not like with the newest update is the fact that it wants my location setting on to even go into the app. I do not like this at all. Is this done for marketing purpose? It should be an optional thing but as soon as I open the app it forces me to change my location setting to on. For this reason I will not be using the app and will not recommend it to others until this changes. Is unfortunate and when using my EB2A whilst camping it was awesome to be able to have a light in my tent plugged in to the unit and turn it off and on from the cot with the app and now I will not have that convenience when it worked great with the last version of the app regardless of other issues. Please consider this feedback and think you for your products.

There ist a different version in Germany.

And obvisiouly there is no Power off button in this app as in the above shown.
So I´m asking to BLUETTI admin, why are there different versions with different features?
Also I could not find any update button. The app does it automatically himself! Not great!
Thanks to BLUETTI

Automatic updates with no user intervention are a very bad idea.