New Forum Look Feedback

Am I the only who finds it harder to read/navigate through the new forum design? It just looks ugly. I find there’s too much whitespace when looking at the list of latest topics and the old font was easier to read.




Yes previous version is much easier to read and follow. The update has a bit of a 1990’s feel.


YES! I was so dejected when refreshing the page the other day and this new format showed up - it’s not very user friendly like a forum should be. I was going to write something about this new change but figured it’d just put the designer or technician’s nose out of joint and they’d just dismiss our dislike of it. When something is working nicely, why go and change it? That’s something which has always boggled my mind. Would they ever revert back? Unlikely, eh.

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They put in the new banner image of the AC500 up at the same time of the design, so perhaps the web QC department didn’t check whether it would break the rest of the forum CSS.

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Banner is too big and navigating takes more clicks. Bad “upgrade”.

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Not a fan. Mainly bugged by the screen real estate taken up by the side bar on the right. The banner at the top is understandable marketing-wise, but should be somewhat smaller IMO.

I’ll get used to it.

Please change the font

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Dear members,
Thank you very much for your interest in this new version.
Our forum revamp is not 100% complete yet and there are still many details to be adjusted by the development team. It is important to consider the overall presentation and not just posting and replying.
During this transition period, it may take some time for you to get used to the page and post presentation.
We will also pass on your suggestions and hope that you will be satisfied with the results after the revamp is completed.
Thank you again for your attention and understanding.

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Yes… old font and design were much better IMO.

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Do you not have a test environment at Bluetti where new designs are built and reviewed prior to release?

It would be like releasing a product with firmware which has usability issues and later fixing them with ota updates which introduce even more issues because of poor (if any) testing and then not having anyone available to support your products and their new owners…

Oh, wait…… never mind… I just remembered I bought an eb3a recently.

I thought of saying the same thing but Bluetti isn’t primarily a software company and this forum is really not mission critical to them so they probably just made the changes straight in production - obviously a bad practice for any software company.

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Oh well, I’m sure we’ll get used to it

All of the sudden, when I search by latest date, it comes up with older posts. Is this something that is being worked on? Anyone else seen this issue?

Bluetti community/forum development team. The contents is more difficult to read. Please increase the font size and change the font type to something readable (not related to ‘Times New Roman’). Thanks!

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After starting a few threads between July & August, I somehow can no longer figure out how to start a new topic!?

I thought it was just me, but now I’m wondering if perhaps the format change has made this a bit less intuitive?

It’s in the same place, albeit a bit harder to spot on the top right corner of the forum homepage via the New Topic button:

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Recently the New and Unread links at the top of the Forum home page are not working for me consistently. New is sometimes functional, Unread never is.

@Joules22 This started happening for me as well - just a few days ago. I noticed this only happens on the landing page, but then works once you’re actually on the forum pages.

I’m not so lucky. If I click on New, I always see 1 less topic than is indicated, i.e. New (5) results in a 4 item list. Unread never works no matter what page I’m on.