New EB70S Defective?

I own an EB70 and just bought an EB70S.

I have two small garage freezers (they are identical) each one draws 50W when running.

1.I’ve tested my EB70 on one of the freezers for 10+ hours and it ran fine

2.The new EB70S I’ve tested on the freezer for 3 hours and so far it has shut off twice with a red overload message.

Is the EB70S defective or do I need to change a setting? I would think the EB70S with a 800W inverter would work even better than the EB70, but so far that’s not the case. Both units have ECO mode off.


The start up requirments of your freezer are exceeding the inverter output limit. Startup current is many times the steady state current. You can also have a defrost cycle that is coming on which consumes a large amount of electricity for a short duration. If you get or have a Kilowatt meter you can plug that between the freezer and the Bluetti and that will record the current draw.

Thanks for the reply, but why was I able to run the freezer on the older EB70 without an issue?

A few more points:
these freezers don’t have a defrost cycle (manual defrost)
I did connect a meter to the freezers and got a max of 400-500W
So since the EB70S has a 800W inverter, I’m not sure what’s going on

Sorry, I didn’t notice you had two and the one worked. I don’t have an answer in that case. I have seen a few appliances (mostly heat guns and hair driers) that for some reason or another will not run on either model and will show an overload. My best guess is that this is one of those cases and it is not compatible. In any case, I would contact customer service to see if they have an answer that works and if not, I would have it swapped out.