New EB70 Capacity


I have connected my Astrophotography rig to the EB70 draws 30W approx EB70 dies after about 5 hours is the about average or ( why I am asking ) is this low and I have an issue. Manual says 75W for 7-8 hours


I have load tested my EB70 with a 300 watt load and was able to extract just over 600wh (about 85%) of the name plate capacity.

With a 30w load, I would expect it to last 18 hours or so.

Is your EB70 fully charged?
Was it really, really cold?

Yep fully charged and plus 5 C. I expected it to last at least 12 hours. Very dissatisfied

Thanks for responding

Something seems odd. Try this, drain it full (which you have done) charge it back up to full and try again as the calibration may be off. If it is still like that, then contact bluetti for warranty service.

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Hi @stoney,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
It sounds weird. Did you use it to power other devices simultaneous? Also, as @snowstorm mentioned before, pls do the calibration and tell us what happen.
Pls rest assured that if this unit is faulty, we will arrange a replacement for you.

Thanks for a quick response. I am currently using an 800W kettle and intend to boil water until the unit dies then recharge fully and try astro rig again ( if clear skies fingers crossed ) if not improved as purchased from amazon will ask for replacement ( I have already used contact seller on Amazon UK ). Cheers

Hi all just to update letting the unit completely die ( internal light does not come on ), and recharging fixed the issue. Thank you for all help.