New EB3A won't charge

I got an EB3A for an upcoming road trip. The display came on for a second when I plugged it in. I figured it needed to charge a bit. After 30 minutes the display still didn’t come on and there’s no ability to charge anything. I’ve tried pressing all the power buttons and circuit breaker but nothing happens. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I have a lemon. Does anyone have a clue as to what the problem could be? I e-mailed support last weekend. The support voice mail box is full. Hopefully, someone here can clue me in as to what the problem is.

Hi @pasleyplace , sorry for inconvenience caused.
Please upgrade the app to the latest version first. If the AC port can’t be charged, can you please try charging with the DC port?

I tried charging with a solar panel. Still no display or power. The app can’t connect because there’s no power.

ieMeter.Meine EB3A ist heute angekommen, nichts geht,keine Aufladung möglich. Keine Reaktion auf Tastendruck, aber Geruch nach heißen Kunststoff. Was soll ich da machen. Bis jetzt keine Reaktion vom Kundendienst oder Händler.

Hi @pasleyplace , sorry for late reply.
Based on this situation, it is recommended that you contact support as soon as possible for further after-sales processing.

Hi @Astrogator
Are both AC and DC charging methods invalid?
Did you buy it from our BLUETTI website or some other way?

Hallo @Astrogator ,
Sind sowohl AC- als auch DC-Lademethoden ungültig?
Haben Sie es von unserer BLUETTI-Website oder auf andere Weise gekauft?