New EB3a today, smells like burning

Hi my new EB3a arrived today, I plugged it in to charge after installing the updates. I noticed it smelled like burning electronics. It did charge to 100%. I am currently using 2 usb ports drawing 14W and NO ac connected. It still emits the smell. Everything seems to work ok with inverter tested up to 200w. Does anyone else notice this? Does it go away?

Hi grumpyguy9, welcome to the forum!

Is it a light or heavy smell? Have you noticed any smoke? Does the unit get very hot?

The smell will go away after it heats and cools a few times. This is normal.

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Good Morning all
Thank you for the welcome!
The smell has all but gone away.:grinning:
The first day I charged it outside then ran it through its paces with a small iron. When I recharged it, I had to put my nose to the fan vent to smell it. It will be primarily used to recharge drone batteries.

My unit smells as well, not gone so far … hopefully it will go away :thinking:

Mine did after a few charge/discharge cycles