NEW Buyer for EP 500 Probably

I am probably going to buy 2 EP 500’s and hook them together. How many others here on the Community going to buy these units?

Does the plug to join them come with the purchase? Is there a discount for buying 2 units? Is there Sales tax on the units? IT SAYS NO Sales Tax.

Good luck everyone

The device to hook 2 together (Fusion Box) is not included and has already been announced as being sold separately. Nothing regarding additional perks have been disclosed yet. You’ll likely have to wait until the campaign begins on March 23 to find out. But in the last crowdfunding campaign that Bluetti had they did offer several bundles. I would think it just depends on how much wiggle room they have left in the price. The solo price they’ve announced on the EP500 represents a pretty deep discount already. Cross your fingers.

Deep discount is relative. What if they set the price at $7000 then it would be a deeper discount. I would never in the world pay $3995 nor would anyone else in my opinion.

Thanks for your reply. Jim

A lot of people paid as much as $2000 (PLUS sales tax!) for the AC200P on Amazon, and that was a 2000wh unit. So why would you think no one would consider paying twice that price for a unit that had MORE than double that capacity (5100wh) PLUS app control, UPS circuitry, a split phase bonding option and NO sales tax? Granted there will likely be discounts popping up on the EP500 when it goes retail. But so were there on the AC200P. I think $3999 is not unreasonable for a MSRP. It’s just that $2700 is more reasonable. :grin:

Simple it’s out of reach for most people at $3995. Lot of money for back charging for charging your teens cell phone and tablet. Or running your refrigerator in an emergency for 10 hours instead of 5. Or running a table saw or hair dryer.
That’s alot if money.
Why I am thinking about buying it because I am a prepper and I believe that SHTF is real. I think the terrorists are going to hit the grid. But in an EMP this thing will be worthless unless you Faraday it.
I am an impulse buyer so that’s why I will probably buy a couple.
Thanks God my sailboat in Guatemala is almost sold. Another impulse buy that almost got us killed in the Caribbean.
Thanks for your thoughts and update.
You will be a very popular dad with keeping kids Cell phone charged, just hope the terrorists leave the internet alone :thinking::thinking::grin::grin::man:‍:family_woman_boy:

Mark😂I know where you work.
It’s starts with a B and ends with EDDY. jajaja

Hard to believe there will be no sales tax. How do they pull that off? Never mind I know…If you order it its not for sure to be delivered. jajaja
Another good use for it is for keeping your dogs electric blanket running during a cold power out storm. And charging the battery of your truck when you leave the lights on.
I live where it can be 110 degrees for 30 day in a row plus. If the big one hits (earthquake) we can keep the house (one room) cool using a small wattage a/c unit. The big one is going to hit someday. Will these last 2000 years? Better look at the warranty.

I think you might have me confused with some other “Mark.” Because I do not nor have I ever worked for Bluetti. jajaja! :grin:

Yeah the other guy was “Markus” Sorry. Question. How many are you buying and the reason you need them? Please! I know its a personal question as well as having a solar charger for your teens cell phone charging.

It’s a great price. If I hadn’t already bought 9.84 kwh worth of sogens, I would definitely go for it. I was tempted for the pricing alone, but I just don’t need that much backup. It would be great for an off-grid situation in a consistently sunny location as well. Compare it to the price of the Titan with 4 extra batteries (10kwh) for $8575 plus tax and shipping maybe, vs two EP500s for $5598 (10.2kwh), no tax or shipping, plus whatever the FusionBox costs, app control, UPS, etc.