New BluettiPower domain site?

i see Bluetti has a new domain. Says can’t access with old bluetti account info. So I gather that means we have to create a new account & psw to order and track orders? Also does that mean we will eventually not be able to access our past order info from old site? Wonder if they will eventually delete our personal info to protect their customers data associated with old domain. How the heck did they loose their domain…anyone created new account yet on bluettipower?

@roxie60 thats a good question! @BLUETTI you think you could look into this??

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I’m assuming the new domain is for sales and this community domain will remain unchanged. Would hate to lose the wealth of experience shared here.

@roxie60 This forum is hosted by a different site so it shouldn’t go anywhere. But the question regarding the accounts/purchases on the old page and then transferring over to could def be an issue if they didn’t sync the data… I’d ASSUME they did haha but I would definitely keep all receipts/email invoices just in case. :metal: