New Bluetti reseller in Puerto Rico

Last week I found a power equipment reseller, mostly known for gasoline powered generators and vehicle parts. They are AnyPartPR, located in the southern part of Bayamon ( I live in the nothern part about 7 miles away) and their web page is:

They sell more of the smaller Bluetti power stations, but they can order and deliver the larger AC200, AC300, and EB500 stations. This is the direct web page:

Their prices are higher but they cover all the delivery costs since Bluetti does not deliver to Puerto Rico. I had to order my original equipment delivered to Florida, pay a state tax, then pay a transport to deliver to my home, taking over two months. Now I can order Bluetti equipment through AnyPartPR and receive it in less than two weeks.

Later I will ask about local servicing for Bluetti stations if my AC300 or B300 gives any trouble.