New Bluetti reseller in Puerto Rico

Last week I found a power equipment reseller, mostly known for gasoline powered generators and vehicle parts. They are AnyPartPR, located in the southern part of Bayamon ( I live in the nothern part about 7 miles away) and their web page is:

They sell more of the smaller Bluetti power stations, but they can order and deliver the larger AC200, AC300, and EB500 stations. This is the direct web page:☀️♻️

Their prices are higher but they cover all the delivery costs since Bluetti does not deliver to Puerto Rico. I had to order my original equipment delivered to Florida, pay a state tax, then pay a transport to deliver to my home, taking over two months. Now I can order Bluetti equipment through AnyPartPR and receive it in less than two weeks.

Later I will ask about local servicing for Bluetti stations if my AC300 or B300 gives any trouble.

There are 2 more sellers in Puerto Rico. Bluetti open a sucursal un Puerto Rico that only accepts orders online. There is another store named generatorsandmore that also sells Bluetti in Puerto Rico.

Hey Saludos,

I invested in Bluetti equipment due to the known LUMA issues. So far, so good!! I love the UPS feature of the EP500Pro. My fridge has been connected directly to the EP500Pro since day one!! My biggest concern, due to the considerable $$ investment, is being able to receive local warranty service if needed. TuPlantaPR (AnyPartPR) offered full warranty service, so I think to be covered!! Soon I will be adding a 350watts solar panel.

I ordered from the EB3A (the smallest unit), but they require 4-5 weeks to deliver. Hopefully I will receive it next week.


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Good to know of your good experience with TuplantaPr. I also saw the BluettiPr but I was not sure since all orders have to be online. Please let us know when you receive the item to know about the service. Did you have to pay the total amount of the item to be ordered?

Yes, you need to pay the total amount. I will keep you posted when it arrives.

I imagine (and hope) that at some time Bluettipr will have a local store or warehouse with equipment in stock. I will never pay $5k+ (EP500Pro) online for something that will take 4-5 weeks to arrive. That is why I purchased from TuPlantaPR, since I was able to see/touch the equipment before buying and they delivered it the same day.

TuPlantaPR and AnyPartPR is the same company in Bayamon. Today I checked their home pages and found that they sell the AC300. I ordered two B300 batteries through them on the “IVU free” day in June, and the batteries arrived early July. Here is their new Bluetti page:☀️♻️

I wrote to the bluetti service contact and aske dif AnyPartPR is qualified for servicing their units. I am waiting for the reply.