New BLUETTI PV420 Solar Panel is now available!

:partying_face:No more waiting, BLUETTI PV420 Solar Panel is available now! :confetti_ball:

:moneybag:Price: $899 $̵1̵0̵9̵9̵

:alarm_clock:Limited-Time Sale: Jan 9 - Jan 25.

For more information, click here! :point_down:


How many PV420’s do you need? For your reference.


I find these portable PV panels too expensive. I have eight ridgid 400 W panels for my AC300 setup and they cost me less then $300 each.


Great panel, I get 348 watts into my AC200 yesterday. The legs are a little wabbly but works. I bought mine during the last AC500 sale for $699. The pre-sale saved me $200, because Bluetti products are good, service department need improvement.


Every solar panels have different uses. I have 10 ridgid panels split between the two solar inputs of my AC300. But I needed the portable 420 watt for my Airstream trailer.

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I got my PV420 panel and want to connect it to my AC500 with 2xB300s. The distance between my batteries and solar panels is 70 feet (21.34 meters). What gauge cable should I use?


Hi @ProfessorDre , 8 or 10AWG cable can be used.

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Order # 8363 still awaiting delivery of 2nd 420 solar panel and the rest of accessories Any ETA ?

Hi @BigE , Based on the estimated delivery time of the order, you will need to personally contact order support for further verification, thank you very much for your understanding!

Ok. Thanks. What is the Best way to Personally contact Order Support?

@BigE According to your order number, you placed your order on our AC500 IGG program, right?
If so, please contact our crowdfunding department’s support email:

If the order is placed on BLUETTIPOWER’s official website, please contact

Hey Raymond I saw your comment about the 400 W rigid panels. I. Currently have? An. AC 500 with? 6. Batteries? Could I ask you what type of solar panels you have?

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I have a compatibility question.

On the website it says this panel is compatible with the EB150 & 240. Is that correct? And if so, is it also compatible with the new AC180?

I’m assuming the answer is yes since I just saw the AC180 & PV420 for sale as a package deal on Amazon. :+1:t3:

Yes, PV420 is perfectly compatible with AC180 :smile:

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I have 2 pv430 is 44 v each

J’imagine même pas la rapidité pour recharger notre ac300/b300 avec 6 PV420 :smiling_face::blue_heart: