New Bluetti owner - two non-urgent questions

Received AC500 & two B300s batteries this week, put them on the trolley & started checking them out. Haven’t activated Bluetooth or WIFI yet; all tests so far were done using the touch screen. Batteries arrived at 65% SOC, set AC grid charge rate to 7A and got them both charged to 100% at which point the AC500 switched to standby.

Disconnected from grid and did the following. Plugged in a 100W incandescent lamp; worked fine and AC showed 100W being used. Turned on DC and put cellphone on wireless circle, DC showed 4W being used. Replaced the 100W incandescent bulb with a 14W LED bulb and it turned on as expected. However (and this is the first question), the AC did not show the 14W but remained at 0 watts on the touch screen display. The LED bulb was lit, but no AC wattage (I expected 14W) was shown. Is this normal - that below some low value the AC doesn’t show current/wattage even though the DC appears to continue to show very low (4W) values?

Second question: since no Bluetooth or WIFI is setup yet, I manually entered the current date and time using the touch screen. It was at 2020-10-10 when first turned on, but after I entered the current date and time, it seemed to remember that for the rest of the day. I turned the system completely off for the night and, when I turned it on the next day to see if it still showed 100% SOC (which it did), the date and time had reverted to 2020-10-10 & whatever time was associated with that old date. Is this normal - that it forgets the date and time when the AC500/B300s system is completely turned off if it hasn’t been accessed via Bluetooth or WIFI?

Thanks for any comments and, as I said, I don’t consider these urgent questions. Just trying to understand how the system operates better.


  1. It is normal. If the AC input is lower than 50W, it will not display on the screen.

  2. Under normal circumstances, the modified date will be saved. If the date is not saved after shutting down, it may be that the button battery on the control board is out of power and needs to be returned for repair.

Thank you for the information. I assume that since I don’t plan to make any use of the clock for time shifting to try to charge at a lower electrical rate (it stays the same all day where I’m located), that it won’t cause any problems if I choose not to return the entire AC500 in order to have a coin cell battery replaced, correct? I can always set it manually and as long as I don’t turn it off, it seems to maintain the proper time.

Too bad it wasn’t designed to allow the customer to easily swap out the appropriate coin cell when it needs replacement.

@TMan This problem does not affect normal use. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.