New Bluetti B230 battery pack

The b230 battery is supposably compatible with the AC200P. Is anyone else considering purchasing this new battery?


I’m thinking about the B300 battery for my AC200P but haven’t seen enough info on it yet to make a decision.

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According to their website both the B300 and B230 have individual solar input of only 200 watts and max AC and Solar simultaneously of 700 watts (200 solar and 500 AC). Does that mean the batteries will charge from the AC output on the AC200P? According to you will need a “D050S battery enhancer” to connect the battery to the AC200P. I’m not sure what a D050S battery enhancer does. I’m hoping one of the YouTube channels, like Will Prowse, will show how the connection will work.

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Any idea what a D050S battery enhancer is?

As of 8/3/21
According to Bluetti:
We are developing the D050S which can work for AC200P to work with B230 and B300, you may have to join our facebook group: BLUETTI Portable Power Station Club for more information.
FYI, the D050S has not released yet.

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Thanks, I could only see a brief diagram mentioning the D050S on the facebook group. I’m really interested as I just want to add the capacity to my AC200P and don’t want to upgrade to the Max when my current one is fine.


I also have a AC200P and have been toying with the idea of getting the AC200Max and using my AC200p as an alternative to the b230 battery. told me I could use the 12v batter adaptor that came with my AC200P and charge my AC200P from the AC200Max. My guess, however, is that the charge rate would be too slow. That would be okay because I could put 900 solar watts into the AC200Max and

700 watts into AC200P. I have a relatively large back yard, so I could add additional solar panels. At any rate, until more information comes out, I will wait.

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I am considering but haven’t found much info yet. I have an AC200P and would like the add on battery. Anyone know if B300 works w/ AC200P ?

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These go on sale the 20th, right?

Due to the limited early stock and high demand for the AC200MAX + B230 combo, we’ve made the decision that the B230 battery module will NOT be available to be purchased separately until early September (only for the AC200MAX combo in the debut sale). The $1199 special offers for B230 will be still available in Sept, and the detailed review videos by Hobotech and Will Prowse will be published before our pre-order launch.

See you tomorrow on Bluetti Power Week!

With love,

Mark Yue.




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Sad to see but not able to budget b230 currently so maybe September

The problem I have in buying the battery now, is that according to Bluetti, " We are developing the D050S which can work for AC200P to work with B230 and B300".
The D0505 is the connector you would need for connecting your AC200P to the battery. So, buying the battery now does not mean you can connect the two now.


if im not mistaken ,i think Bluetti said a while back -IF you owned a ac200/200p-you would get a free D050s adapter -if you bought a B230,you might contact a Bluetti rep. to confirm.

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Yes I am. Immediately. However, there is no place to buy on their own on Bluetti web site. Do not see them on Amazon. Typical of Bluetti making commitments (like the wheel system, cover, accessories, etc), and letting us down.

lets not forget,shipping all over the world has big problems right now and may get alot worse,
40ft shipping container prices are 2 1/2 to who knows times higher than a year ago.

Based on Mr. Yue’s post existing AC200 series owners will not be able to buy a stand alone b240 battery which mighg mean we will have to pay higher price and endure possible availability delays (based on past experience) to get expansion battery for our existing bluetti boxes. I like what bluetti is building but sometimes feel tossed asside as an existing customer. I like the new Max 200 but im just not strong enough to manage the weiggt so i was excited at ghe prospect of expansion battery for my ac200p. Just concerned by the time we get access to order a b230 the price will be higher(currently 1199), the adapter will be extra cost if available.

the way 12/24 volt lifepo4 stand alone batteries are dropping in $$,it might be that building your own auxiliary battery box-24x100 ampz =2400 watts

Both batteries work. But there is no communication between the battery and the main unit like there is with the 200max or AC 300. I think of it like the difference between having a truck with an aux gas tank (with the new main units) and a pickup truck with an extra tank of gas in the bed of the truck (with the ac200 and ac200p).