New B300 BMS Offline and will not update

Just received a new B300 today to add to my AC300 and 3 other B300s…

The BMS will not update

The BMS shows not online

The battery arrived at 63% while my other previous 3 arrived almost fully charged.

This new battery is at BMS v1014.13

All other batteries currently are at BMS v1014.15


I receive this message for all batteries: “No new firmware version”

Never had this issue with the others.

Any idea what I need to do?

Sent multiple messages to Bluetti.
Called multiple times with all but the logistics voicemail mailboxes full.
The logistics person was Out of Office too.
In 2 days, it will have been 2 weeks with no response. Unacceptable.
I expect with the thousands I have invested with this company’s products,
they could at the very least, respond.
I will update when/if I receive a response from them.
This is not looking good for any further purchases from Bluetti.

I received an answer yesterday (which didn’t address the main issue of concern at all).
The response was, “The upgrade option will only be released when the unit needs to be upgraded. So your new B300 has no this option because it does not need to be upgraded. And that is normal when the unit arrives only has 63% battery.”

Fine on the charge however, I have 3 other B300s attached to the same AC300 with the 3 original B300 batteries at BMSv 1014.15 and this one singular new one at 1014.13…
This response makes no sense…

Hi @djpcal , The two versions of B300 are different to distinguish between different original suppliers. In fact, the functions and parameters inside are the same.
These have been tested by the laboratory. Please feel free to use. If any problems arise during using B300, you can contact our support department. Thanks!


Upon receiving (around a year ago), my AC300 and 3 original B300 batteries, all 3 were at v1014.13 BMS. Immediately upon install, they updated to v1014.15 BMS.

Your statement would make sense to me had I not performed an update a year ago on the other 3 original berries. Hence, this is confusing to me that this is in regard to original suppliers and that this singular Newly Added Battery should remain at an apparently older firmware version by this numbering system.

If I recall correctly. that v1014.15 update was released to resolve an issue that some users were reporting at release with either minor incremental drain in standby or minor incorrect reporting of charge % of the battery to the AC300 interface.

Just trying to get full clarity on this as everything with the original setup at v1014.15 is and has been working flawlessly and I want this new battery to do be doing so as well and to clarify for other community members that may also encounter this with their setups. Thanks!

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Has there been a resolution to this?
I ordered a new battery just before Hurricane Ian came here to Southwest Florida.
I’m thankful that I have the additional batter, BUT it doesn’t seem to be working.
It is stuck on 63% and always says “Offline”
I do have alarm warnings that won’t clear for me.

Lets resurrect this old issue, because I am noticing a similar issue with a B300 that is a few months old. I have two B300 batteries, one is older and one is newer. The older B300 is firmware version 1014.10 and the newer is version 1024.03. When I try to check for a firmware update I get the message “No new firmware version”
The B300 with the newer BMS firmware version (1024.03) will charge when the “PV Input” is in the 40w range and the B300 with the older BMS firmware version (1014.10) will only start charging when the “PV Input” is in the 80w range. I tried upgrading the app and now I cannot find ANY option to upgrade firmware anywhere in the app… I like Bluetti and all, but these stupid-silly issues drive me nuts.

I have the same problem: I bought 3 B300 in the last month, I have 2 batteries with firmware 1021.06 and one with the old 1014.13
No update available.

The battery with the old firmware seems to me more imprecise in the display of the remaining capacity.
The other 2 follow each other within 2/3%, the other deviates up to 15% when discharging but also when charging.
Even after calibration (empty to 0% then recharge to 100%)

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It seems to me that the older (I am assuming 1014.10 is older than 1024.03) BMS firmware is either keeping the batteries from staying in sync SOC wise or that the SOC reading with the older firmware is quite relative, maybe even meaningless. But I am trying to connect the dots as to why the older firmware would keep it from charging until the PV Input is higher (80+ watts vs. 40+ watts).

Have you any results now?

Well, I did stumble across something. A few months ago the USB ports on my AC300 stopped working. I reached out to Bluetti and they agreed to replace the AC300 with a new unit. I received the new unit and the firmware on the replacement AC300 was different. I am thinking that the problem is not with the firmware on the batteries but the firmware on the AC300. The old AC300, which would not keep the batteries balanced, had firmware as follows: DSP version 4031.14, ARM version 4032.09, HMI version 6029.09. The replacement AC300, which keeps the batteries balanced, has the following firmware: DSP version 4031.09, ARM version 4032.09, HMI version 6029.11.

Hello Anna,
Nice to meet you and thanks for Info.
My actual Firmware is:
DSP: 1036.02
ARM: 1037.05
AMI: 6035.06

All my batteries have 1021.06

Why it’s so different?

Greatings from Germany