New AC60 Solar PV Input Overload Issue?

I just received the new AC60 Portable Power Station. I previously have purchased two Bluetti SP120 Solar Panels last year. When I parallel connect the two SP120 Solar Panels to my AC60, I get a “Overload” warning flashing on the screen. When I look at the Bluetti App, it says “Error PV1 Overvoltage”. However, when I plug just one SP120 Solar Panel into the AC60, it charges fine. The Bluetti app says with just one of the SP120 Solar Panels connected it is receiving 76 W power, 15.7 Volts, 4.8 A Current. I have switched both panels to check and they are producing the same power individually. Why would just two SP120 Solar Panels connected in parallel place the AC60 into PV1 Overload when the power produced is under the 200 W max?

Sounds like you are connecting them in series and not in parallel as you are stating. Series connection will raise the voltage and parallel connection will raise the amperage.

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@GNoonan If you connected them in parallel, there is no problem with it in theory. Could you please take a photo of your connection and we can check?