New AC300 user with couple of quesitons

Just got my AC300 and (one) B300 prior to the weekend and have been testing it out. I’ll be using it as a UPS so I left the working mode as standard UPS.

  1. Since I have it plugged into a 120v, 20a circuit should I change the max. grid input current from 15 to 20? The app showed charging out of the box at 1700w.

  2. The B300 shows up on the LCD as #1 but I actually have it plugged into bat 02 so shouldn’t it show up as #2?



You will need a password from Bluetti support to increase beyond 15A input. Also, the standard charge cable I think has written on the chord saying it is rated for 15A. The wire may run hot or worst yet melt.

In regards to the B300 position, I don’t think it is positional. As the AC300 supports up to 4 B300s interconnected. There are just interconnection ports.

There is nothing written on the cable about amps. It does say 300v and 14 gauge.

I did this. But as soon as I plugged it in, the machine made a popping noise and died. Had to return it for a replacement. Not sure why it didn’t work, but I won’t try it again.

Most circuits are rated at 15 or 20 amps, and they should generally not run for long at more than 80% of circuit capacity. Most likely you tripped a breaker trying to pull 20 amps, and if that is all that happened, be thankful. Also, a cable rated for only 15 amps (like the one it ships with) could get too hot, melt or catch fire with more amperage.

If it popped right away, it was probably a 15 amp circuit, and be glad it immediately tripped as designed.

The cable included with the AC300 should never be used to pull more than 15 amps.

No this wasn’t a circuit breaker, it physically blew something in the AC300 – it was permanently broken. Even had an electrical burning smell. Had to RMA and send it back. I still don’t think it should have happened, but it did.

It was a dedicated 20 amp circuit on a dedicated breaker right at the panel, and it blew immediately. I could see the cable being an issue in retrospect, but since it happened immediately it probably wasn’t that.