New AC200P Video Link attached -?

I have two quick questions.

  1. Does the new AC200P units LCD screen come with a plastic protective cover that can be removed?

  2. I have read conflicting info on whether the unit when the AC is on and a less then 40 watt device is plugged in and running, the unit will show its AC Output as zero. Once I go over a 100 watts it shows up on the display. I am surprised a 40 watt device would show zero on the display watts.

In the video, I have a heating pad set on the highest setting. It is on as evidenced in the video. It might occasionally show 36 watts but most of the time only shows 0.

Video Link

No the AC200P does not require 100 watts or greater to indicate AC load being used. The AC200 does not come with a protective plastic cover. It is a touch screen and relies on touch for operation of the functions.

Thank you Scott. You have always been a great resource.

So based on your comments that the unit should show, as an example, 36 watts of AC output, I will contact support.

The reason I asked about the plastic protective cover is that when I received my new unit yesterday and unboxed, the top of the unit is marked up (cannot remove scratches) and appears to be used. I thought I recall on my friends brand new AC200P that I removed a plastic protective cover off the LCD screen. The kind you peel off once you receive a new unit.

Thank you,