New ac200max with pv350

Just purchased the ac200max, ac charging works great , however unable to get anything out of the pv350. I am in the Philippines and it is a perfect sunny day . Zero watts input:). I’m guessing it may be I’m a bit behind in one of the firmware versions ?
ARM. V4008.05
DSP. V4005.07
BMS. V 1017.03

Could this be my problem? And if so, how to I get updated . The mobile app has no update option , just shows current version


Is the SoC at 100%? If so it won’t charge until it drops to 99.
On the display, you can touch the PV/Car symbol, and it should show some information. What is it showing for the volts?

Currency Soc is around 80% , everything connected correctly and -very panels in direct sunlight. After switching to PV input on the screen console , the symbol changes to solar , but there is no indication of any charge . The AC charge works though. I haven’t been able to measure the output of pv panel yet, I don’t have a. Multimeter, but since all components are brand new and I don’t see any visual defects.

So when you touched the PV symbol, it showed 0 volts and 0 watts?

yes sir, however i just decided to connect to car charger and see if input is occurring, sure enough, the car charger does charge and sees to be working. I am guessing that a panel or cable issue may be the culprit. maybe needing to do check with meter, ill have to acquire one

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Yes, it sounds like a connection problem. Either internally on the solar panel or the wires between it and the power station. To find out if the solar panel is defective or if it’s a bad external connection, a volt meter will pinpoint the problem. I assume you are connecting the panel directly to the mc4 / xt90 cable that came with the max and not with a wire extension? If not, try connecting it directly.

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I see that you have PV selected as your input source and that is correct for solar charging. That was my going to be my first suggestion, but yea your best bet would be to see what kind of voltage you are getting at the leads of the mc4 connectors with a multimeter. Keep us posted

Thanks for all the help on this issue , appreciated greatly
ok, so I managed to get a fluke multimeter, and take a reading, I even went so far as to setup the panel in a really sunny spot , I was only getting .35 volts dc , and 1.5 amps. panel or panel wiring issue ??? I had e-mailed Bluetti Asia support, the place I purchase the unit, they wanted me to make a video of the problem to allow their engineers rot review. I think Ill just send them this forum subject link so they can follow :)

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The panel likely has a short or it could have a
bad diode. It happens occasionally, they will have to replace it for you.

My guess is that on a short circuit situation you would probably measure 0 volt, and if you are using a single panel the bypass diode probably never experienced a reverse voltage bias of any kind and couldn’t be damaged. But even if so, with a bad or damaged bypass diode you would still have a voltage.
Since you have 0.347 volt from the panel, the negative or positive side of the circuit is somewhere interrupted, on the wires/connectors or worse between two or more cells, so you are now basically measuring an open circuit leakage voltage.
You could slightly move the panel a bit while measuring to check if the voltage changes, and so to confirm a discontinuous connection somewhere.
Anyway, if you handled the panel with the necessary precautions and if it looks intact you should probably ask for a replacement.

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