New AC200max with portable Zamp 230watt suitcase panels

Ordered the AC200max to supplement a/c needs doing some off grid camps. Since the Zamp 230w legacy suitcase kit already has a PWM charge controller conected to the two panels my plan is to disconnect the wires going to the charge controller and wire in series the two panels and use the XT90 port or the multi-functional aviation port to charge the AC200max. just trying to make sure this will work any suggestions.
Or can I somehow just connect the panels that are already connected to the zamp charge controler up to the AC200max.
Thanks for the input.

I’m not 100% sure what you’re suggesting. The AC 200 Max only has 2 inputs. They are on the side, one receives solar from 10-145VDC which then goes to the charge controller. The other receives a very specific DC voltage from the wall charger. If the solar input connection is the one you are referring too then I believe it will work. Connecting 2 panels in series (without the PWM controller) shouldn’t be a problem as long as the voltage is within the range, if you’re over that voltage it can damage the unit. I would take great care in making sure you have the polarity correct when you wire up those 2 panels though.

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Thanks for the comments and advice. Watched a couple of YT videos where one person suggested to go to where the panels are input to the Zamp charge controller and place my positive and negative wires on those same terminals. This basically will alow me to bypass the Zamp charge controller but still use to charge my travel trailer battery and also the AC200max via a set of 50ft 10awg wires with an XT90 connector.
So, basically I will still have functinality for both devices not a the same time but when I need too. These panels are really for the trailer battery just need to use them to ops check the AC200max and some occasional solar gen charging.