New AC200max power button green ring, flash faintly

Just received a new AC200max. Charged it to 100%, connected some small a/c lights and did a quick wireless cell phone charge nothing major but, noticed when I power down the unit the green ring around the power button goes off, then the screen goes off, and then a very faint green ring will quickly illuminate like a flash. Then everything is off.
Just wondering what the quick faint green ring illumination is indicating, if anything.

The manual states.
BMS Over-current or short circuit protection Turn off after the indicator light flashes

But my unit is turning off, display also and then like a second or two the green ring around the power button will faintly flash.
Any suggestions

If you do a long press of five seconds when powering down does the green light issue go away?

I have had mine for a couples months, and noticed right away it has been doing the exact same thing with the power button green light flash.

Yes Scott, it does it even after a long press of the power button, it does it when powering down with the app, I noticed it right off the bat because my AC200P does not do it.

I never really thought anything of it as the unit seemed to be working fine, figured something was just different in the design and for some reason the light was getting a quick shot of juice at the final shut down sequence.

Though, I’m now having issues with it not reading a consistent charge state, I have done multiple calibrations while I have been waiting to get the firmware updates to no avail, from what I can see from another thread on here, my BMS and HMI are out of date so hopefully an update will fix the issue.

I am having significant issues with my AC200P too, so if one has anything to do with the other who knows, hopefully Bluetti can figure it out.

Thanks for all the reply’s, my scenario is pretty much the same as archMike. Doesn’t matter how I shut it down same faint flash of the green ring. Did a complete discharge to 0 and back to 100% yesterday, an old oil filled radiator style heater drained the AC200max pretty quick at 1.5k. let the ACmax cool down for 30min then charged back to 100% via the T500 brick.

I want to do the firmware update just keep reading about users who have bricked their new units for whatever reason, can’t seem to get any info. Maybe a firmware update will fix it. Just tried to see if I could do a firmware update via the android app but it doesnt’t indicate I need one
Current version v1017.02
Current version v4005.07
Current version v4030.15
Seems like ive seen higher BMS versions out their, I might just reach out to Bluetti service and see what info they can provide.

Scott, No it does not. it’s a very faint almost ghost light but its definitely their.
Back in the my mechanic day’s we would operate turbine engines and when we would shut them down via the control panel off switch we would always see a light briefly illuminate indicating overspeed because the thats the circuit used to shut it down and it also validated proper working for the next start.
So, I’m wondering if this ghost light might be using the BMS Over-current or short circuit protection circuit to shut down the unit. Or do I really have a BMS Over-current or short circuit event but nothing is logged on the unit. Do you happen to know what your BMS firmware version is?

Digging through some other threads it appears BMS version v1017.03 is the latest since my unit is currently v1017.02. Wonder if Bluetti has temporarily stopped firmware updates until they can positively validate the update platform is 100%.