New AC200MAX Dead on Arrival

Today I received my AC200MAX power station. I was very eager to start using it, but unfortunately there is a problem. When I first turned it on, the battery SOC was 0%. The unit gave me warning code 043 (BMS Low Voltage) and warning code 045 (BMS Pre-charge failure). So, I plugged in the AC adapter to begin charging. The adapter cooling fan begin to run, and I can hear an electrical relay activate. However, the indicator light on the brick stays green, and the power station reads 0W of input. Selecting adapter charge confirms that it is reading 59.3V from the adapter, but 0W of power. Under battery management, it lists battery 1 (the AC200MAX) battery state as “Standby”. I tried powering the device on and off, and tried to charge it with AC a few times. After a short while, the unit just shuts down. The whole thing shuts down, not just the display. So, I selected car charging and then plugged the device into a car 12V socket while the car was running, but that also didn’t initiate charging. I’ve emailed customer support, but I was hoping that someone here would have a way to help. Thanks!