New AC200MAX, 034 error right out of the box

I bought a new AC200MAX from bluetti.

Right out of the box, on start up, it gives me a 034 BMS communication error.

When I check the BMS firmware, it shows 0.0

When I try to update the firmware via the app, it wont let me. (nothing happens when I click the update button).

I contacted customer support but voicemail full. Left a email for them, figured the community would be faster help. Anyone run into this issue?

Hi @skipro101 , Sorry for inconvenience caused.
We have following suggestions based on your AC200MAX 034 error.

  1. First check whether the BMS communication cable is plugged in place and plugged in well, to ensure that there is no loose
  2. If there is no problem with the communication cable, the control board is faulty and needs to contact the support department to register for repair or further processing.