New AC180 User Seeks Best Solar Panel Options for It

Greetings Solar Users.

I am a complete noobe to the solar power station world. I just purchased an AC180 with a PV200 solar panel. I got it primarily to use as back up power in the event of a power outage in the home. I also look forward to using it camping as well. I live in Oregon so I feel I need more solar power than just a single PV200. My question is,… given the DC input limitations of the AC180 (500 watts, 12-60 VDC, 10 amps) should I just get another PV200? Or maybe 2 more PV200’s for a total of three? Or just add a PV350 to my existing PV200? Or would it be better to add a couple of Ecoflow 220 bifacial panels to add to my PV200? Is that even compatible?

As I said, I’m a complete noobe at this. I just want the best way to get the most solar power into this device in the shortest amount of time considering the limited daylight available here in Oregon. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.