New AC charging cable for EP500/Pro


I received an email:

We just made some significant improvements on the AC Charging Cable for EP500. And we are about to send you this new cable for FREE within the next week.

Don’t worry, the original cable won’t bring any danger to you, it just might affect the service life of the machine after long-term use, so it’s highly recommended to throw the original one away when you received the new cable.

Can you shed some technical information on the improvements? Thanks.

Hi @ed209

Thank you for asking.
We have improved the AC Charging Cable. But I’m sorry that I don’t have any technical info about it. Using the new cable will bring you better experience!

Hi, is this only for EP500 and not the EP500Pro? I’ve only received email on the UPS Sub Panel, stating that additional parts would be mailed, but nothing about AC charging cable for the Pro.

I’ve noticed that when my unit tries to charge at 15A (about twice/day) connected to a 15A outlet the input voltage drops from ~122V to 117V causing my KillAWatt device to notify via beep/alert. I’ve tried a dedicated 20A outlet on another unit with the similar results. I’m curious if others are seeing the same behavior and if the new cables would resolve the voltage drop (larger gauge?)

In the manual, I read that 10A current is a possible option, anyone using that or slower charging? Would it increase the longevity of the units?

Hi @PowerMat

We can change a new one for you if your cable didn’t work.
Is there any error code when the input voltage drops?

Thanks for this reply; however, there is no error code. The units seem to charge fine from 89% to 91% in these cases within 2.5 minutes. I’m just curious if this voltage drop is not good for the unit in the long term, and if others are seeing a similar behavior. Also curious if the new cable is only for EP500 and not the EP500Pro.

BTW, I’m very happy with both my EP500Pro thus far. I hope to have the UPS Sub Panel installed when I get the updated parts. Thank you Bluetti!