Nest Thermostat and Bluetti AC200 MAX

My furnace will run fine when powered by my Bluetti and using a simple non-programmable Emerson thermostat. But if I switch to my Nest Learning tstat the furnace will not fire. On line power the Nest works fine. On Bluetti power everything looks good. The Nest is normal and commands heat when actual is below set point but the furnace does nothing. I can command the fan to turn on from the app and it works fine. The furnace just doesn’t fire. The Nest doesn’t like something about the inverter power. Nest Support was useless. Anybody have a clue? What would it be about the inverter power that irritates the Nest?

Figured it out. Looks like Nest doesn’t like a floating ground. Added a neutral-ground bonding plug in one of the AC output receptacles and Nest is happy as a clam.


Our machines are floating-grounded, and you do need a neutral ground plug if you want to ground then :)