Need to get D300S or equivalent replacement product

I am having rigid solar panels installed this week and really need a Bluetti D300S PV VOLTAGE STEP DOWN MODULE(D300S). I have been trying to order it from Bluetti’s site or from other vendors and have not been able to find it for a month. Bluetti is unwilling to say if any when it will ever return to stock.

Does anyone have a spare D300S PV Voltage Step down module they would be willing to sell me or know where I can purchase one or something else that would do the same thing taking 2400watt and up to 550 volt power input and output only 2400 watt 150 volt to my Bluetti AC300?

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Has anyone found a substitute for the D300S?

I am also looking for a substitute for the D300S PV voltage step down to bring power to 2400 watt 150 volt

Has anyone found a substitute? Also - please help me understand the concept of the D300s. it steps down the voltage from as much as 550v down to 150v…but does that also decrease the Watt output/efficiency of the solar array? For example, if my array is presently 4000w and over-voltage, then in stepping down that voltage to 150v - will i be limited to 3000w max? note- the website says 3000w but the manual says 2400w.

i’m not an expert but from what I understand it keeps the watts/volts/amps to the 2400w/150v/12a limits of bluetti in the case that you overpanel as long as you do not exceed the 3000/550/? input

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