Need Replacement 15A A/C Charge Cable for AC300

Can’t find this part on the Bluetti website nor on Amazon. Are there any US vendors that sell Bluetti parts? My 15A AC Charge Cable was damaged during use. I’m prepared to pay out of my own pocket. Any help in finding this cable would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. - I have emailed bluetti service but haven’t heard back.

Also, would the charging cable for an AC500 work on the AC300? I thought I heard that they were slightly different in connector size?

If the aviation connector for the AC500 is a Weipu SP29 (it has a marking) and has three contacts, then that AC charging cable will work on the AC300. The AC300 has a menu (protected by a Bluetti passnumber of six digits) to select the AC charging current amount (the factory set amount is 15 A). If you wish to charge up to 30 A, you can buy that cable at Bluetti or fabricate you own cable (I did) with the same SP29 connector, new 10-gage cable, and a new 30 A plug.

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Thank you for taking time to reply. You are correct: my AC300 cable is a female 3-pin Weipu SP29 on one end (that plugs into the Bluetti) with a standard NEMA 3-prong male plug on the other. I apologize if I don’t have the correct naming convention for these parts. I’m not prepared to go up to 30A (yet), so for now I’m sticking to 15A.

Attached are the pictures of my damaged cord. I think I can snip off the damaged part and replace it. I’m just scared that I will make a mistake to a) damage the Bluetti or b) burn down my house. We’ve replaced the wall receptacle and found the old receptacle also had burnt areas. I hope we’ve corrected the root cause for the arc’ing.

So my plan is to get plugs and cable (and whatever tools I might need) and try to build a new cable. I hope to find the right SP29 connector. The Bluetti cable looks keyed–it has three distinct notches to align it to the socket on the AC300.

I’m a bit disappointed with Bluetti. I just want to buy another power cable, simple as that. I haven’t been able to get through. I’ve seen your post where you were building a cable. I’m trying to find it so I can re-read it and use it for guidance.

Thanks again for your assistance. Please feel free to point me to any videos or online tutorials that could guide me in building a cable. In the meantime, I’ll be doing a bit more research. I’ll post an update.

It looks like all that was damaged were the prongs on the plug. Those are available at any hardware store. Just pay close attention to making sure the hot, neutral, and ground wires are in the correct places.

I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for the reply. I’ll post updates once I have something to report. Happy holidays, everyone!

Yes, you can either replace just the NEMA plug for a better grade version, or the whole cable at the SP29 end. The SP29 body can be unscrewed to open, and the three wires are soldered to the internal contacts since that aviation connector is rated at 30 A. The contact pins are numbered but just rewire with the same wire colors which are black, white, and green. I beleve that your SP29 connector did not suffer any damage or degradation and can be reused.

The 3-wire cable is a basic 14-gage type that can handle the 15 A. The wiring for our U.S. electric code is black (live - regular plug blade), white (neutral - wide plug blade), and green ( ground - round plug pin). Rewiring the plug is easy. I have done this many times for our family appliances since I was only seven (I am 71 now!).

Since you were seven?? Well, that puts a bit of pressure on me now–I’m 67. :smile: Read your intro back when you joined the community. I see you have a long, long list of skills. I see that you also worked on Sun equipment. I’m a retired UNIX IT guy. Solaris was the first OS I worked with back in the day before picking up various flavors of Linux. I’m not a Windows guy and I didn’t work on hardware other than to swap a few parts here and there. And, it only took three years of retirement to purge everything. Such is life.

I’ll repost once I have something to report. By the way, do you have any recommendations for the replacement NEMA plug?

Thanks again.

My favorite UNIX version is IBM AIX which I used and managed up to level 8. When I retired in December 2011, Oracle took over SUN and seems that their relationship with our company (Claro ) went sour, so the older Solaris systems were being replaced by HP-UX systems. So I don’t know what happened after that.

As for the NEMA plug, go for the stronger 20 A models, and be sure that the replaced outlet is also a 20 A capable model so you don’t suffer any heat damage. You can use a 12 gage cable, too.

Success! Reused the original SP29 connector with a new 14AWG cord from the big box store. My wife used to solder when she was in the military so that skill came in handy. I admit, I was VERY nervous about plugging everything back in but so far, all appears to be in working order. Bluetti AC300 is charging and I have a 100+ AC output load as a test. I’ll gradually add more load. I’m closely monitoring to ensure nothing starts smoking, but so far, so good!
Also, got a reply from Bluetti CS with instructions for ordering the replacement charging cables.
It’s a glorious day, indeed!
Thanks Raymond and jhempel for replying and for your guidance.
Happy holidays!